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Home » Bookies favor ‘Action Man’ over ‘Iron Man’ on March 14

Bookies favor ‘Action Man’ over ‘Iron Man’ on March 14

We asked a leading independent corporate book making company what prices they would offer on the Luke Jackson vs Will Young Australian title fight if they were to frame a market.

Luke Jackson $1.03, Will Young $12.00. The great undefeated mare Black Caviar used to go around at those odds. Those prices point towards Luke Jackson having his hand raised as the new Australian Champion on March 14. Will Young is barely given a glimmer of hope.

When told about the odds, Will Young’s trainer manager Brendon Smith wasn’t surprised.

“No, not at all surprised,” Smith said.

“No one gives us a chance.

“I saw a recent poll online and it was 86% in favour of Luke Jackson winning by KO and I think a vast majority of the 14% who voted for Will were from our gym.

“I’m not disputing Luke Jackson deserves to be a hot favourite.

“He’s a former Olympian and has been touted as a future World champion.

“He’s also from one of the strongest gym’s in Australia and he’s trained by Billy Hussein – who many label the countries best trainer.

“Luke Jackson is supposed to win, we’re supposed to be nothing more than a speed bump.

“If you believe the odds and the opinions of many good boxing judges in this country Will Young is no match for Luke Jackson.

“Jackson is supposed to batter Will Young, he’s supposed to walk straight through him but he WON’T.”

“I have faith in Will Young and Will Young has faith in his own ability we’ll be ready and win lose or draw it won’t be the one sided fight everyone expects,” Smith said.

Will Young isn’t fazed about the odds or the opinions of anyone else but his own and his team.

“People can say what ever they want, book makers can frame what ever odds they want,” Will Young said.

“Everyone’s entitled to their opinion, I have an opinion of my own but I’ll keep that to myself.

“Buster Douglas was a 42-1 outsider when he knocked out Mike Tyson, no one gave him a chance.

“I’m simply focused on my preparation and being ready to defend my title on March 14.

“This title means a lot to me, I want to be a fighting champion that’s why I’m taking on Luke Jackson and that’s why I don’t plan on surrendering it anytime soon.

“All those people who think Luke Jackson will knock me out, all those people with opinions…they can’t help him when we step into the ring on March 14.

“It’ll be just me and him and may the best man win.

“To use Luke Jackson’s own words against him – I plan on retiring him on March 14.”

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