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Home » Paez Jr recovers from knockdown to overcome Montes (photos)

Paez Jr recovers from knockdown to overcome Montes (photos)

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Maromerito’ visited the canvas at the end of the third after receiving a strong combination to the face from Montes (17-2, 14 KOs), who dominated the first three rounds.

The Colombian was well planted in the centre of the ring dominated behind a strong left, but Páez used his experience to begin pushing back Montes before landing two lefts to the head and then a perfect hook to the liver on Montes, who fell to the canvas grieving from the blow and never recovered from the count of ten by the third man in the ring.

It was a big win for Paez, who said that this year he is going for a world title.

Ivan ‘The Terrible’ Montero had a difficult bout against the experienced Michael Rosales but managed to pull out a unanimous decision over ten rounds. It was a good test for Montero, who had to dip into his repertoire to beat Rosales.