Joe Farrugia talks newly-opened Wise Guys Gym based in Malta (photos)

Phil Jay 11/02/2015

WBN was recently given the opportunity to find out more about a new facility in Malta which will house a swarm of professional and amateur fighters under the guidance of Joe Farrugia.

The Wise Guys Gym will offer a warm weather base for an array of talented boxers in the future, and as Joe himself explained, will also be hosting the armed forces along with the paying public.

“We are a fairly new gym in Malta which is dedicated to boxing,” Farrugia told World Boxing News. “Wise Guys Gym is fully loaded with two boxing rings and the latest technology in gym weights and machines.

“As Malta is situated in the Mediterranean, its a perfect place for professional training camps which we specialize in with our own pro trainers. We offer more than competitive prices and all are welcome.

“In the coming months, we will have several boxers coming over to use the gym, including Louie Darling, Jack Draper and Chris Beasley who are coming over in May, closely followed by Daniel Sykes and Jamie May.

“We have three professional gyms interested in using our facilities around July time and we now have the full backing of the British Army who are going to send lads over from the forces on their own training camps.”

For more information on Wise Guys visit www.wiseguysgym.com

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