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Home » Mayweather brands Pacquiao finalization rumors ‘lies’

Mayweather brands Pacquiao finalization rumors ‘lies’

As the fans and boxing public hang on every word the current WBC and WBA two-weight world champion says regarding the biggest boxing match of this generation, Mayweather has confirmed that the Pacquiao clash isn’t a done deal – for now.

“Laying back, relaxing and enjoying good weather, palm trees and piña coladas,” said Mayweather.

“While they continue to lie about making the fight, I’m just going to continue to travel and explore the world on my private jet,” he added before hash tagging that the bout is not made yet.

Bob Arum also confirmed that no imminent announcement is expected when contacted by WBN on Saturday night and it seems there are plenty of reports jumping the gun on the possibility of Mayweather and Pacquiao coming to an amicable agreement when meeting last week.

Suggestions had been growing that the Super Bowl would be the preferred time for Mayweather to speak up on the contest, although signing a contract for Pacquiao seems to be the furthest thing from the ‘Money’ man’s mind at the moment.