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Pacquiao sure Mayweather fight will happen

The Filipino is covering his bases in case a fight with Floyd Mayweather, proposed for May 2 in Las Vegas, falls apart, although Pacquiao has stated that he is sure that this time the two welterweight champions will finally get it on after seven long years.

“I think it will happen, I believe that,” Pacquiao told Johnny Nelson and Adam Smith on Sky Sports’ Ringside Special – to be broadcast at 10.15pm this Wednesday in the UK on Sky Sports 1.

“If this doesn’t happen now I don’t think it will, so now is the time. If you ask me what the percentage is, it’s 80-20 (it will be confirmed).

“I think he’s got pressure. He’s got no alibi – blood testing is no longer a problem, Bob Arum the promoter is no longer a problem, now there are no more problems.

“The fans are pressuring him. I tell them we have agreed everything, the rules and regulations are not a problem. And if you want it higher, I am happy with that. I will take 40 to 60. I’m OK with that – for the sake of the fans.

“We are just waiting for you to sign the contract,” he added.

Mayweather has recently been linked to a rematch with Miguel Cotto as an alternative to Pacquiao, something which was denied by the Puerto Rican’s advisor when approached by WBN last week.

Right now, Pacquiao still seems to be the front runner for the contest as the world awaits a final decision from the pound for pound king sometime in the next fortnight.