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Home » Cotto advisor denies any knowledge of Mayweather v Cotto II talks

Cotto advisor denies any knowledge of Mayweather v Cotto II talks

Several sources are claiming that Mayweather is set to ditch talks with Manny Pacquiao over a super-fight for the spring in favour of challenging Cotto for his WBC middleweight title in search of a sixth weight championship.

WBN contacted Cotto’s advisor Gabriel Penagaricano in the early hours of Friday morning and were told in no uncertain terms that there is no truth that Mayweather and the Puerto Rican legend are on the verge of an agreement.

“Not that I know of,” said Penagaricano when addressing the question posed by World Boxing News, as the world patiently awaits the formalisation of Mayweather’s impending 48th pro outing.

There is no doubt that the majority would plump for a showdown with Pacquiao over Cotto any day of the week, and any choice other than Mayweather versus ‘Pacman’ would certainly have fans outraged after months of promises from both fighters.

Mayweather, 38, would be risking his entire boxing reputation by dropping talks with Pacquiao for an unprecedented third time in seven years and Cotto may well be on a hiding to nothing if he decides to accept any offer from the pound for pound king.

Cotto put up a decent fight the last time he fought Mayweather in 2012 and recently pulled out of talks with Canelo Alvarez for a contest on the same date.