Russian manager calls for fair UK judging following successful British night

Phil D Jay 02/01/2015

Manager Al Siesta admits he has taken a gamble in agreeing to a run of bouts on British soil for his Russian quartet of boxers who have all recently made their UK debuts on Merseyside.

All four where successful at the Titanic Hotel in Liverpool on December 7 after signing deals with Vaughan Boxing, although Siesta has concerns over whether David Avanesyan, Andrey Meryasev, Vladimir Tikhonov and David Agadzhanyan will be given a fair shake against the bigger name opponents in the future even though they were basically considered ‘home fighters’ on the night.

“Bad judging should be a serious punishable offence,” Siesta exclusively told World Boxing News.

“Scoring fights the wrong way has devastating consequences such as a loss of earnings for the fighter himself, his manager and/or promoter of these bouts that are judged unfairly.

“It’s not about an immediate payment on the day, it is all about the future earnings that have would have been affected by the incompetence of the officials in questions. Not to mention there could be psychological damage on the boxer, his team and even surrounding family.

“One thing I hate hearing is the line; ‘He’s been unlucky not to get a decision.’ I find it absolutely unacceptable in this day and age that a sentence like that can even be mentioned. I always hear about fighters not wanting to come out to places like Russia or even the USA as the travelling team as they almost certainly wouldn’t get the decision.

“If you look at the result of Kell Brook’s win over Shawn Porter, that is one that was unexpectedly proved wrong and it was really satisfying to hear a truly deserved decision being announced for once.

“My last trip to Moscow was on the big promotion by Andrey Ryabinskiy and his company ‘Mir Boksa’ which featured the WBC World Cruiserweight Title clash between Gregory Drozd and Krzysztof Wlodarczyk. I was sitting right next to the judges and was really surprised how many times they had to refer to the computerised slow motion footage to identify if the cut came from the punch or the head clash.

“The judging at that show was really second to none, but unfortunately I cannot say the same thing about the UK.

“One example is the fight between Ricky Burns and Raymundo Beltran which left the Glasgow crowed booing their own fighter and whistling in absolute disappointment after an absolutely diabolical decision to call it a draw.

“Ricky had his jaw broken and had to twice get up of the floor and you can clearly see that he didn’t know what to do and where to hide when the decision was announced. I reckon that may have affected him more then the fair call of loss.

“Gavin v Bundu is another one. A complete domination, plus a great liver surgery by the little Italian and yet again a split decision! How and why? I think those judges should have gone to Specsavers that’s what I say!

“Some of these decisions make me want to leave boxing and I just hope this kind of judging can be rectified in the future.

“I want to help make some big fights in the United Kingdom for David Avanesyan and Andrey Meryasev soon and just hope they are given a level playing field going forward.”

Tikhonov and Agadzhanyan are scheduled to return to action under Vaughan on February 27 in Malta before making another UK appearance alongside Avanesyan and Meryasev later in the year.

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