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Kellie Maloney sex change called off

UK tabloids have stated that Maloney, who was known as Frank until 2013, suffered complications as she underwent facial surgery in Belgium and stopped breathing on her own for more than an hour.

A heart murmur in reaction to the anaesthetic is said to have been the cause of the health scare and Maloney’s final stage operation, which was scheduled for January 13, 2015 is now on hold.

The 61 year-old has been living as a woman for 18-months in preparation for finally having surgery to reconstruct her genitalia into that of a female, but is facing an uncertain future following this latest setback.

A recent stint on Celebrity Big Brother found that Maloney had the full backing of the British public since her revelation if the national press earlier this year, although despite being the early favourite Hollywood star Gary Busey took the title.

Maloney guided the careers of David Price and Lennox Lewis as well as many other fighters during his stint in boxing and has been rumoured to be considering a return to the sport at some point next year.

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