Pacquiao v Algieri: Whoever wins, boxing loses

There is more to the fight than meets the eye.

Manny Pacquiao is headed to fight Chris Algieri and it’s a fight to knockout boxing.  Bob Arum of Top Rank was recently quoted, “Floyd is reluctant to fight Manny, period.  If people don’t see that by now, they are never going to see it.” Good riddance! But the other side has a different story to tell.

What many people still don’t see is the fact that vampires continue to suck the blood out of boxing.  How can Arum ever go wrong when he believes only in what he says even though his heart believes otherwise?  Arum continues to look for excuses so he can match Pacquiao again with his “chosen ones” in the future, far apart from Floyd Mayweather Jr., period.

Aside from money, is there anything else that concerns the greedy?

What do you do when a corrupt politician refuses to momentarily forget politics to face the music by constantly making “excuses” or making campaign sorties?  No, this is not Arum, though the “astute” promoter always and likewise comes up with excuses that are readily beatable in the open field for there is no excuse weaker than what negates the sunlight.  Nothing blinds and sidetracks an upright man.

Truth is ever bright.

Whoever wins when they fight, they both win.  No I’m not referring to Pacquiao and Algieri, but Pacquiao and Mayweather when boxing’s grandest event finally transpires because in the case of the former, whoever wins, everybody loses, along with the sport and the whole world.  That is if you, the fans and people, watch the “Pacquiao-Algieri” show or spend a dime for it.  

Who pushes irony or the “Pacquiao-Algieri” pushes boxing to the brink. Where is reason in Cottai Arena on November 22?  And why pay for something that’s senseless?

Be enlightened.