Warren: Woodhouse should stick to football, won’t ever be fighting on our shows

Phil Jay 04/11/2014

Promoter Frank Warren gave a dim view on footballer-turned boxer Curtis Woodhouse on Monday at the press conference for Billy Joe Saunders’ upcoming clash with Chris Eubank Jr on November 29.

Warren was responding to comments Woodhouse had made regarding Eubank not turning up to face Saunders, where the welterweight stated he didn’t blame the challenger for ‘not going to the 500th press conference’ and that he must be ‘bored s***less’ with it all.

Woodhouse also said he admired Eubank for ‘playing by his own rules’ and that ‘some promoters forget that they are not in charge, that the fighters are.’ This was met with a stern reply from Warren who affectively ruled out the ex-British title holder from ever fighting on BoxNation in the future.

The exclusive boxing channel, which Warren helped to launch, have ties with promoter Dennis Hobson who recently signed Woodhouse following his parting from Dave Coldwell.

“Who cares about Curtis Woodhouse? I mean where is he on the scheme of British, Commonwealth and European title?” asked Warren to James Helder of IFL TV.

Warren then went on: “Curtis Woodhouse done well as a professional footballer and done as best as he could in boxing. What has he got to do with this promotion?

“When does what he has to say have any affect on anything? Does anybody actually care?

“Go back to managing his football club or whatever he does. Go back to chasing trolls. He’s a worse troll than the trollers.

Helder then asked: “Is it safe to say he won’t be on the Dennis Hobson card? To which Warren replied: “I have told Dennis Hobson he’s got more chance of flying in the air than he has of fighting on any of our shows. It will never, ever, ever happen!”

In the wake of Warren’s comments, the outspoken Woodhouse has gone on to make even more remarks, which look set to see the former Premier League midfielder miss out on much need TV exposure in the future.

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