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EXCLUSIVE: Anthony Ogogo not impressed with Chris Eubank Jr. win

The 25 year-old, who is recovering from achilles surgery and hopes to return in February, has been so far unimpressed with the level of Eubank’s opposition as the Brighton man has amassed an 18-0 record with 13 KO’s.

Eubank, also 25, recently defeated hapless German Omar Siala at the Echo Arena in two short rounds without even reaching first gear and Ogogo (7-0) believes the second generation fighter could have done much more in his career thus far.

“You have to say that Eubank Jr looked great, however so would my great auntie if she fought that dude. I mean come on, the worst guy I’ve fought is way better than him,” Ogogo exclusively told World Boxing News


“The worst guy I’ve fought in my seven pro fights to date is probably better than the best guy he’s fought. But I get what they are doing so good luck to him.

“I think it’s good to have personalities in the sport, at my weight in particular, because when I get to that level and trust me I will, it’s big fights for big money and great exposure.

“Not that Eubank Jr has much of a personality, but with his old man and the Eubank name, people are always watching.”

Ogogo admitted his frustration to WBN this week as he aims to come back from four years of injury problems and says he can’t wait to get back in the mix as Eubank prepares to face British rival Billy Joe Saunders in November.

“Eubank and Saunders is a great fight, so credit to both of them for taking it. Saunders as European champion has the experience, but hasn’t looked amazing in his last few fights, which I think he’d agree with, but Eubank Jr on the other hand has looked great either.


“Eubank has fought dustbin men from Europe and I actually think the guy he boxed a few months ago is the same guy that delivers my post.”


Without giving his own prediction on who comes out on top, Ogogo says under the right circumstances he could even be pitted against whoever comes off worse when the European title is up for grabs next month.

“Yeah, I think so. I don’t see why a fight against the loser couldn’t happen,” he said.

“However, I’m at a stage in my career where I’m thinking about myself. I’ve been a pro for 18 months, but for nine of those months I’ve been completely out of action injured with these achilles.


“Last year I had six months out, and when I say that I mean I couldn’t do anything. It wasn’t like a hand injury where you can run and shadowbox. I was trying to find the answer to my achilles problems and I have since been out another three months after having the operations, so I haven’t actually spent that much time in the gym.

“Plus, I’m still very much a novice. I’ve probably spent less than half the time in the gym training than the likes of Luke Campbell and Anthony Joshua, who both turned pro at the same time as me,” Ogogo cautiously added.

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