‘Don George wasn’t on PED’s and will face Jean Pascal’ – Bobby Hitz

Phil Jay 29/10/2014

Chicago’s Donovan George has been suspended for 90 days, stripped of his IBO super-middleweight title and had his recent win over Dyah Davis changed to a no contest.

The 29 year-old gave in a positive drugs test after the fight, although promoter Bobby Hitz explained to WBN that is was an innocent mistake on the part of George and that his recently announced clash with Jean Pascal will not be affected.

“Don hurt his hand ten days before his fight with Davis and wanted this IBO championship so bad that he told no one about it, especially me,” Hitz told World Boxing News.

“Don knows I would have cancelled the fight, so he went to his doctor and asked him for a prescription for an anti-inflammatory and when he filled out the paper work. What Don didn’t do was mark the box for being on ‘prescribed medication’ as he thought it meant something like blood pressure pills or a medication that he’s been on for years. Not a medication from his doctor that he would take for less then 10 days. He simply overlooked it.

“Although it was a mistake, they made the fight a no contest and gave him 90-day suspension, plus the IBO stripped him which is very upsetting as they didn’t have to do that.

“The kid wasn’t on PED’s (performance enhancing drugs) as he broke his hand and the fight doctor didn’t catch it at the pre-fight physical. So it’s all because he overlooked a box on the doctor’s form this has happened.”

On the December 6 bout with Pascal, Hitz added: Yes, the Pascal fight is on as Don will be off suspension by the time of the fight.”

In addition, IBO President Ed Levine explained to WBN that there was little option but to declare the super-middleweight belt vacant.

“The official decision of the Illinois Boxing Commission which changed the result of the IBO championship fight to a “no contest” reversed the win and sadly left the IBO with no choice but to vacate the title.

“Right or wrong, state boxing commissions legally control the results of fights, not sanctioning bodies. We hope Donovan George gets another opportunity to fight for and win a world championship title in the future.”

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