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‘Alien’ Hopkins: I really believe that I am not part of this world

Hopkins, who made his debut in the sport back in 1988, explained the reasons for changing his nickname from ‘The Executioner’ to the ‘The Alien’ this week – on the back of overtaking George Foreman’s long-standing oldest ever world champion record.

“Well, first, it wasn’t a joke. I’m very, very serious that I am different than human beings that I’ve talked to, and human beings that I interact with who can’t understand me, but I can understand them. So, it’s not a joke. It wasn’t a joke. And it’s definitely not a joke now since they realized it’s not a joke,” emphasized Hopkins.

“When “The Executioner” executed 20-something contenders, who some one or two became champion and the rest haven’t. So, “The Alien” is by age. “The Alien” is the difference between the average person who has a lifestyle that’s not on the radar of an alien. So when you can have that strong discipline to be able to not get involved in a sport and play of this world, whether you’re successful especially, or not successful, then you are looked upon as being strange, different or weird.

“So, I’m neither of those things, but I am an alien. So that’s where I came up with I have to be an alien, I was diagnosed as being an alien. If you watch “24/7” Dr. Pasternak explained as much as he can, and I don’t think he had his license taken since the “24/7” was shown last week, or this past Saturday.

“I really believe and understand that I am different and not a part of this world, but in the world. So that’s why people can’t understand how I can be so disciplined around all the things, recreational things to do when you’re successful, having a little cocktail or a little party, or a little celebration, or as they say, the humans, “let your hair down,” he added.

Despite undefeated Kovalev boasting an eye-catching knockout record, Hopkins goes into the contest a slight favourite to add the WBO belt to his current haul which is a testament to fighter’s achievements in over a quarter of a century lacing up the gloves.

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