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Kellie Maloney to complete sex change in January

Maloney, 61, had announced that she had been receiving hormone treatment and living as Kellie earlier this year, before embarking on an unsuccessful stint on Celebrity Big Brother as suggestions made the rounds that the transition may have been a hoax.

Those rumours have now been fully shot down as Maloney is to finish the sex change procedure this coming January, having opened up to the Daily Mirror once again in divulging her thoughts on finally becoming Kellie on a permanent basis.

“For the first time in my life, I’m going to be complete in my body and my mind. I can really start getting on with my life,” she told the tabloid.

“As soon as I get out of that bed, I’m going to look in a full-length mirror at myself and for the first time ever, I will see the person I should have been all of my life staring back at me.”

The pencilled-in operation will see Maloney hospitalized for up to 10 days, after which the once prominent boxing figure will face a recovery period of around three months.

There has been some talk of a possible return to the sport for the ex-handler of undisputed heavyweight champion Lennox Lewis, although any comeback is on hold until the transformation is complete.

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