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Selfie-tweeting Muhammad Ali: Don’t believe the hype, I’m feeling great!

The 72 year-old paid a visit to The Boar’s Head Sports Resort in Charlotteville, Virginia and even found time to join the recent selfie-craze to assure fans he is well despite recent reports to the contrary.

In two tweets sent out on the @RealALI_me account, ‘The Greatest’ was far from the frail and ill figure that has been suggested in the news and is fighting fit despite battling Parkinson’s disease – among other ailments.

Famed for his ability to keep a room entertained through his words, ‘The Louisville Lip’ as he was also known is no long able to use speech the way he used to, but now through the medium of social media, can still interact with his fans.

Through a professional career spanning three decades, Ali captivated the world with his skills in and outside of the ring and is forever synonymous with being a symbol of hope for people around the world.

Since retiring in the eighties, Ali has fought his illnesses with dignity and grace even as his health has deteriorated, and to now have to continuously make public announcements that he is not on death’s door doesn’t sit well.

Ali deserves a whole lot more respect than is being given in some quarters and there should be an element of restraint by reporters who intend on using the champs frailty as a means to write inaccurate headlines.

There has been no statement officially released on Ali’s condition, although members of his family, including daughter and former fighter Laila, have spoken out against the recent stories.

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