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Huck: I’ll fight Nelson with one eye and one arm, but only on UK PPV!

Nelson, 47, was in Germany recently to witness Huck equal his title defence record in Augsut with a win over Mirko Larghetti in Halle, and immediately stated that he would end his nine-year exile to see if the 29 year-old could overtake his record by beating him.

The British southpaw, who now works for Sky TV, stated that he would only agree to a fight with Huck and no other fighter if allowed sufficient time to prepare, leading to Huck giving his response to WBN on Wednesday.

“I actually consider Nelson’s challenge a huge compliment,” Huck told World Boxing News.

“The fact that he would only lace up his gloves again to fight only me and no one else, proves that he knows I mean business and that he takes me serious. He knows I am the best out there.”

Reigning for six years between 1999 and 2005, Nelson has been vocal in reiterating in the weeks since that he is serious about a return fight, even expressing his full confidence at gaining victory. And although those advances appear to have been reciprocated, Huck couldn’t help but see the funny side of facing a man old enough to be his father.

“To me his challenge is not an insult. I see it as a compliment. He is trying to use my name to step into the spotlight again,” said Huck.

“It is obvious that he is itching to get back into the ring and make another big payday.

“He used to be a great champion, all credit to him. But if I am honest, his best days are over. Nevertheless, even if he was still in his prime I would wipe the floor with him. He should renew his life insurance policy before he dares to fight me though.”

Finally, when pushed about entering any formal negotiations with Nelson, Huck answered: “Yes, I would consider it, but only if we fought in England and it was a pay-per-view fight on Sky. If that is the case then I might make an exception and face him inside the ring.

“But in order for it to be a fair challenge, I think I should at least keep one of my eyes closed and have one arm tied behind my back during the whole fight,” he joked.

Having recently severed his ties with former career handlers Sauerland, Huck is branching out of his own by launching a brand new promotional company and has stated a fight with Wladimir Klitschko is top of his wanted list.

‘Cap’n’ Huck put up a gallant effort when battling Russian Alexander Povetkin for the top division title back in 2012 and can count himself unlucky at not getting the decision on that occasion in Stuttgart.

In all likeliness, a proposed fight between Huck and Nelson is just good banter between two real pros, although there is no denying that there would be huge interest in Europe if both did put pen to paper for a contest.

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