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Home » Struggling Frank Bruno: I have been sectioned twice in 18 months

Struggling Frank Bruno: I have been sectioned twice in 18 months

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Former WBC heavyweight champion Frank Bruno has revealed that he has been sectioned twice in the last 18 months as the British fighter struggles to cope with mental issues.

The 52-year-old, who captured the sport’s biggest prize in 1995 when beating Oliver McCall at Wembley Stadium, was famously admitted to a mental hospital in 2003.

He has been dealing with symptoms in his day-to-day life ever since.

As part of a video supporting Liberal Democrat politician Norman Lamb, Bruno also admitted that he had been mistreated when receiving professional help.

Frank Bruno sectioned

“My name is Frank Bruno. I’m talking from experience of being sectioned about three times. Twice in the last 18 months,” said Bruno.

“I’m just a nobody, really. I’m just a human being. Yesterday I used to do boxing. I used to be a celebrity, but I’m talking to you as a human being from experience.

“I met Norman Lamb, and he’s changed a lot of different things for mental health people. He’s very concerned. He’s very, very passionate.

“I hoped the Lib-Dems do very, very well, so Mr. Lamb can stay in his job.”

Since retiring from the sport soon after his defining night against McCall, Bruno has been mainly out of the public eye.

Bruno has always tried to raise awareness for the illness he has suffered from for many years.

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