Exclusive: Shane Mosley discusses son’s first professional loss

Shane Mosley Jr

After recently informing WBN that he is no longer seeking out his next fight, ‘Sugar’ Shane Mosley will be moving more towards the managing and training side of the sport for the foreseeable future

The 43 year-old Californian has been keeping himself busy since November whilst not actively fighting, by looking after his son Shane Jr’s early pro career, which recently suffered a setback when the youngster lost against Marchristopher Adkins.

Mosley Jr, 23, is now 2-1 from his first three bouts and will need Senior’s advice in order to make a successful comeback – although his father is in no doubt about how far the fledgling professional can go in the sport.

“To me, my son is a World Champion,” Mosley told World Boxing News.

“It’s not just in his blood, its in his heart and his mind. That’s where a champion is created. If a fighter has the heart and the focus, which my son does, no one can stop him.

“Its important to have a loyal, knowledgeable team as well, and I think the team we have put together for Shane is the best of the best.”


On coming to the end of his own stint in boxing, Mosley added: “I am always going to be training and staying is shape because I love boxing to the point that it is not an occasional thing for me, it’s a lifestyle.

“We eat right, we get up early, we train, we box, as a family. I do it with my son and we live it together, so it’s like that for both of us.

“It’s a family thing. My whole household is in constant “training” mode,” he laughed.

Such an early loss may not be a bad thing for young Mosley in the grand scheme of things as the pressure would be mounted on him, even more, had he racked up an impressive undefeated record.

It’s now time to move a step back and take stock for Junior, and with the heat off him due to the setback, the middleweight prospect can fly a little more under the radar as he finds his feet in the paid ranks.

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