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Shane Mosley Jr discusses early pro career, aspirations and future

The 23 year-old has already recorded two first round stoppages since making his debut in the paid ranks this year and aims to keep up his momentum on the Konstantin Ponomarev v Cosme Rivera undecard.

“The first two fights were very exciting, but they also went by very quickly and I don’t really feel like I got as much out of them as far as the physical fight,” Mosley explained to World Boxing News.

“They did allow me to get some of the initial mental nerves of the ‘first fight’ as well as the real-world staging that comes with a professional bout out of the way. I also got some physical nerves that come from getting hit, and being in a ring with someone who shows the same agenda as you do, out of the way.

“But I used everything I’ve learned, which comes from what goes on in the gym and the work I put in. I believe it is really all of the daily training through the years that made my first two fights easier for me.

“Even though I haven’t made it past the first round yet, I know that there will be the opportunity for me to do so, as long as I continue to devote the time to the mental and physical exercises that prepare me each time I to step into the ring. If I keep putting in the work, then I’ll keep putting them out.”

With less than two minutes of ring time under his belt, the son of boxing legend ‘Sugar’ Shane Mosley isn’t worried how the victories comes, as long as he continues to build towards forging his own successful career.

“I absolutely look forward to going more rounds with opponents. That’s what I train myself to do, but I do train everyday to win,” he emphasized. “So whether that means spending a lot of time in the ring and going many rounds, or a going for the knock out in the first, it’s about beating the opponent mentally and physically in the ring.

“Really, that’s the way that my dad and I have always trained. It’s but really about keeping your guard up, testing the other fighter’s weaknesses and always looking for the opportunity to win.

“Some people are more focused on just the technical aspects of the win. Of course we all fight to beat the opponent, but when you start to see weakness, you go for the opportunity whether that’s four or six rounds, I train to win the fight – especially if that translates to a knockout.”

Following in the footsteps of his father, Mosley Jr already has that burning ambition to be a champion after witnessing Sr. enjoy long world title reigns at 135 and 147lbs in a highly-respected career. Mosley Jr will be campaigning at 160lbs for the foreseeable future as the talented youngster maps out blueprint that he hopes one day could be held in the same regard as the man who now guides him on his journey.

“I train everyday and I am currently around 160-162 pounds, but I still see myself fighting at middleweight and hopefully for the world title at that weight in two or three years. I want to definitely be competing in two and going for the title in the third year,” said Mosley.

“I’m only 23 years old right now so there’s always the potential to grow into a bigger weight classes and eventually I imagine that I will top out at 175 pounds and compete in the light-heavyweight division later in my career, but one class at a time. As of right now, I’m working toward the 160lb titles and all of my focus is on achieving that.

“I’m definitely looking forward to fighting at least two more times this year as when I get time in the ring I seize it. I see it as the opportunity to expand and deepen my experience, which will allow me to become a better boxer.

“That is my focus. It’s my attention and dedication to ‘being better’ that will help me on my way to becoming a world champion,” he added.

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