Jason Welborn urges Ryan Aston to accept all-Midlands battle

UKO Boxing 17/09/2014

Jason Welborn has called for Ryan Aston to take him on in a much-anticipated Black Country Boxing Derby.

The two time British Title contender was disappointed with quotes attributed to Aston yesterday whereby the Dudley light middleweight tried to quell the groundswell for a match-up by claiming that he’s hoping for ‘bigger, better things’.

It’s a match-up that Midland fight fans have long been calling for and many believe that the time is right for the popular Black Country pair, who live just a few miles from each other, to go head-to-head.

Welborn, a two-weight Midlands Area Champion, is currently ranked sixth in the British Light Middleweight Rankings with Aston perched outside the top ten in 11th place.

Although the Rowley Regis fighter believes it is he who should be looking beyond the 23 year-old, he insists that he is more than willing to step in with Aston and put his Midlands Area Light Middleweight Title on the line.

“I’d take the fight tomorrow,” 28 year-old Wellborn told www.uko-boxing.com. “He wasn’t really on my radar as I have my eyes on an English or Commonwealth title or another shot at the British (title).

“While I wait for that shot though, I said to Errol (Johnson, Manager) that I’d happily take him on.

“Then I read that he said he’s after ‘bigger and better things’ and that’s rattled my cage. What’s he expecting? I’m ranked sixth in Britain so does he think he’s going to get a shot at Nav Mansouri, Liam Williams or Joe Selkirk? Maybe he thinks he’d ready for a shot at Liam Smith (British Champion) or even Brian Rose (WBO Title Contender)!

“He also said that I need him more than he needs me! Other than shutting him up, what have I got to gain by fighting him? I’ve fought for the British Title twice, I am ranked above him and have already cleaned up, at two weights, at Midlands level. He’s fought for a Midlands title. And lost.

“After those ridiculous comments, he’s about the only fighter I’d step back down to Midlands Area level for, so if he wants to actually get a recognised British Boxing Board of Control Belt on his record, rather than keep padding it out, I’m here. I always liked Ryan. He seems sound but those comments were unnecessary.

“He did say that it’s a fight that ‘could happen’. Well I’m saying ‘let’s make it happen’. The fans have been asking for it for ages so maybe now is the time to get it on.

“If he’d just said that it’s not a fight he wants right now, fair enough but he didn’t. He’s saying that I need him more than he needs me and that he wants bigger and better things. It’s disrespectful. The fans want it, now I want it. The real question is, does Ryan Aston actually want it? We’ll see won’t we.”

Welborn is set for a ‘keep busy’ fight in Cheltenham on Friday, 24th October alongside EJKO Promotions’ latest signing, Adam Harper. The ABA National Championship Quarter Finalist and Western Counties Senior Elite ABA Champion will make his professional debut on the evening.