Fight clip suggests Maidana knocked Mayweather’s teeth out (video)

Phil Jay 16/09/2014

A video has come to light in the aftermath of Floyd Mayweather’s decisive victory over Marcos Maidana on Saturday night that seems to prove some damage was done to the champion during the fight.

In the clip, Maidana throws a thunderous straight right hand as Mayweather’s steps in, which evidentally shows one or maybe two of the pound for pound king’s teeth fly into the air.

Mayweather did not display any signs that he may be suffering any ailment as he gave his post fight interview to Showtime’s Jim Gray after retaining his three world titles, although it may not be something the American would want to share.

Maidana’s power is considerable as he has shown in the past, and indeed Mayweather felt when shook to his boots by the shot at the end of round three. The bell came at the right time for Floyd, who then took a couple of minutes to get his head clear and could possibly have been a couple of molars lighter for his trouble.

Judge for yourself in the video below by Showtime Sports.

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