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Santa Cruz has Rigo and Frampton in mind before jump to 126lbs

Santa Cruz. 26, has long been linked with the likes of Guillermo Rigondeaux, Scott Quigg and Carl Frampton, who all now hold titles at 122lbs, with the Mexican showing a preference for the Cuban and the Irishman.

“We want to give the fans what they want because that’s what the fans want, and if they want it I’m here for them to fight for them and we’re going to try our best to make that fight happen,” said Santa Cruz.

“I thought (Rigo) was running away from me, and then I heard that he’s saying that I’m scared, and some people are saying that I’m scared. So I want to prove that I’m not scared of fighting nobody. I’m here to fight the best, and if he’s the best why not fight him?

“He (Rigo) does have a hard style, very difficult and everything, but hopefully everything goes well on Sept. 13, and hopefully next year we get to fight that war. We know that it will be a great fight and a hard fight for me, but no matter if we lose, we win.

“I know Rigondeaux, he’s going to be a future opponent, and we’ve been fighting boxers because we want to be ready so that whenever we fight Rigondeaux we’re ready to go out there and fight boxers that move a lot.

“We know that that fight is going to happen sooner or later, but we want to be able change styles because I want to know how to fight every kind of style from people that stay there, that bang and that move or fighters like me who want to move too. So I think we’re going to work on any style so that when we go out there we’re ready for anything.

“Hopefully everything goes good and we do well in September. We want to look for harder fights, for the stronger ones, again Carl Frampton, Scott Craig and other fighters at 122. All of those, they’re great fights, but we’re going to push it, and we’re going to try to get those fighters to get in the ring.”

There have been rumours that talks have been already held between Golden Boy and Cyclone Promotions for a Santa Cruz v Frampton battle next year, although ‘Teremoto’ was cautious when addressing the possibility.

“(No one has) never told me about a possible fight with him (Frampton), but like I said, if it was up to me I’d say yes to that fight. I’m here to fight the best, and Carl is one of the fighters I want to fight.

“Maybe I’ll do one or two more fights at 122, then go up to 126,” he concluded.

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