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Mayweather: If I couldn’t read my accomplishments would be even more amazing

Keeping his silence for weeks whilst some sniggered and made fun of the 37 year-old, Mayweather issued a dignified reply to the rapper as he gears up to earn another mammoth paycheck this weekend against Marcos Maidana.

“My thing is this, I try to focus on Maidana. I don’t really focus on that,” said Mayweather.

“I think people can believe whatever they want to believe. Intelligence and education are two different things. I’m happy with my career and I wish 50 Cent nothing but the best; when I’m in training camp I try to focus on my training. You have to realize that the circus is for clowns and my job is just to focus on my job, which is boxing. I know what I can and I can’t do, so I can care less.

“I don’t even worry. Like I said before, that’s not my focus. I know what I can and I can’t do. You guys don’t know when you’re dealing with pay-per-view you have to read at least 60 to 70 teleprompters, and I don’t think they could choose a better person for the job than myself. I go out there and I do it with no problem.

“I just feel like basically I’m not judged by a person, I’m judged by God. Reading does not define my place in boxing history. Will God not let me in heaven because I didn’t read like a news anchor? Me, myself, I would be perfect at reading if it was how I made my living and fed my family. Once again, intelligence and education are two different things.

“Making fun of a person because they can’t read is not funny. It’s tragic. Second, if I really couldn’t read it would make my accomplishments even that much more amazing. I don’t know if 50 Cent is a boxing promoter, I don’t know if he’s making music; I really don’t know. My focus is on Floyd Mayweather, and I wish 50 Cent nothing but the best.”

A video of Mayweather reading a radio introduction went viral following a DJ’s decision to cut and edit a sample to make it sound like ‘Money’ was inept, although the fighter said it more down to him wanting to get it completely correct.

“Well, I don’t get paid to read radio drops. I’m capable of having a bad day; I’m not perfect. But you know, as well as I know, they edited the tape how they wanted to do it. I’m a perfectionist; if I go read a teleprompter, I read it six or seven or eight times, because I’m a perfectionist. I could have been up twenty-four hours; I could have just landed in New York City. People find different ways to try to break people down and tear people down.

“I’m going strong and I’m happy. We talk about that situation, but there’s plenty of videos out there just showing me reading teleprompters and reading other things. When I was at the ESPY’s I had to read a teleprompter. I’m pretty sure you guys thought I did an okay job. Like I said before, I’m not a news anchor, never claimed to be. What I do for a living, I’m a boxer, but I didn’t get to where I got to not being able to write, read and do arithmetic, and I’m going to say this once again, intelligence and education are two totally different things.

“I am truly blessed to be where I’m at. I try not to focus on that type of stuff. My job is to focus on my children, make sure my children and my family are in the best position, and stay focused upon my craft, which is boxing. Nothing can steer me the wrong way; I don’t focus on everything, it’s why I don’t focus on clown stuff. Like I said before, that’s for the circus. My job is to stay focused on boxing.

“I got to where I got to by being smart, making smart moves, and doing what’s best for Floyd Mayweather,” he added.

Mayweather v Maidana 2 is live on Showtime PPV on September 13 and BoxNation in the UK. To subscribe click BoxNation

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