Mayweather Sr. claims Floyd’s mind wasn’t right for first Maidana fight

Mayweather Jr. battles Maidana at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas this weekend and Sr. has no doubts that ‘Money’ will score a more convincing victory than the majority decision he carded in the spring.

“Maidana is going to get his butt whooped again, just in a more fashionable way this time around,” said the respected trainer.

“Floyd beat Maidana in the first fight and there’s really nothing else to say. I am going to have Floyd do a lot of things differently in this fight than he did during the first fight.

“I am going to tell you something, something was on Floyd’s mind that day and the lord is my witness. He finally came around and told us all what it was about. Floyd is going to give Maidana a boxing clinic this time around.”

Maidana, 31, has been accused of fighting dirty in his previous attempt to end Mayweather’s undefeated record, but did land on the pound for pound king a lot more that most opponents have in the past. Whether that is down to Mayweather’s out of the ring problems or just the fact that he is now into his late thirties remains to be seen – as Maidana aims to win world titles at two different weight divisions on Saturday night in Nevada.

Mayweather v Maidana 2 is live on Showtime PPV on September 13 and BoxNation in the UK. To subscribe click BoxNation

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