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Ryan Rhodes reacts as friend Kell Brook is stabbed

Rhodes trained alongside Brook, 28, for years in forging his own successful career and was as proud as anyone to recently witness ‘The Special One’ overthrow Shawn Porter to become IBF welterweight champion.

The former world title challenger gave his views whilst the news was still raw that Brook was recovering and receiving treatment, having sustaining wounds to his leg and arm in an altercation.

“It’s crazy, shocking. You expect to go away with your missus for a well deserved and relaxing holiday and for us to get the news back here that he’s been stabbed in the leg is absolutely shocking and I can’t believe it,” Rhodes told World Boxing News over the phone on Thursday.

“He’s gone away with his missus and daughter and I think he was due back this Saturday, but I’ve seen the news, made a few phone calls to confirm it was true and next minute it was all over Twitter.

“I haven’t heard many details, just that it’s not life-threatening and he’s stable.”

Brook’s hospitalization comes exactly one month on from when reports surfaced that Jamie Moore had been shot whilst coaching former foe Matthew Macklin for his upcoming fight and Rhodes was at a loss to explain why the IBF title holder would be targeted.

“Obviously Jamie was out in Marbella training Macklin when that happened and now this happening in such a short space of time,” said Rhodes.

“Is it a jealousy thing or like with Jamie was it wrong place wrong time? You just don’t know.

“Things like this, you get a couple of incidents every now and again, but I don’t think we will ever get to the bottom of why they happen. It could just be a bit of jealousy against boxer who has done well for themselves and earned good names with the public.

“They might want to say, ‘I’ve done this to that certain person’ to brag to whoever – but even in the leg, if you hit an artery someone could bleed to death. People don’t realise as they do it to scare other people, but you could hit a vein and someone could lose a leg.

“I’m not saying it is that bad, but these people just don’t think. They do it to put people out of action for however long it might be – but it could be a lot more serious than what they think.

“It’s too early to tell with Kell. I just hope it’s a flesh wound, he’s had a couple of stitches and he is good to go.

“Hopefully he will still be coming home this weekend. Anymore serious than that, well I just don’t want to speculate,” he added.

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