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Home » Broner admits ‘beating up his body’ before Maidana clash, plans Taylor KO

Broner admits ‘beating up his body’ before Maidana clash, plans Taylor KO

The 25 year-old had put together an impressive 27-0 record and was boasting to be the new Floyd Mayweather Jr in the press, until Maidana stopped Broner in his tracks by inflicting a wide points loss.

YouTube videos partying, having sex and throwing money down the toilet where all part of his pre-fight antics, but Broner has said that although his training suffered as over-confidence settled in, he has now put right those mistakes.

“I have learned I need to stay in shape,” admitted Broner.

“Before the Maidana fight it felt like I was unstoppable, I could do anything. I could just go back in the ring and everything would be normal. But after the fight I realized I have to slow down. I can still be me and have fun, but I can’t be beating up my body. I have no more flaws. I put down everything. Now I just have fun, I stay in shape and I keep positive people around.”

‘The Problem’ looks to build on his May victory over Carlos Molina by putting on a great performance in front of his home fans against Emanuel Taylor this weekend and Broner could edge towards a possible fourth-weight world title chance with a 29th triumph.

“I’m more than excited to be back in Cincinnati,” he said. “It’s like when you spoil a kid -when you buy a kid a new pair of sneakers, the next time they come out they are going to expect another pair. Every time I fought at home I gave my fans a knockout. I spoiled my fan base in Cincinnati. So every time I fight here that’s what they want.

“I’m still AB, I’ll give him an ass beating for sure. I didn’t come to play any games. I’m here to kick his ass. I’m not playing around. If I feel like dancing, I’m going to dance. But I’m going to get the job done and it won’t be going to a decision.

“Taylor is going to come to fight. When people fight an Adrien Broner or a Floyd Mayweather they’re going to come to fight. I’m sure he trained to his best, he’s in tip-top shape and he’s ready to go.

“I have to give them a knockout, I got to. And it’s got to be pretty, too. I think I’m going to hit him with the 30 piece and the biscuit.

“I know Taylor pretty well and I respect him, but at the end of the day he’s my enemy. I have to go out there and get my victory,” added Broner.

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