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Mayweather: Maidana will never be able to knock me out!

The 37 year-old, who has a perfect 46-0 record throughout his success-laden career, faces the South American for the second time in six months on September 13 and believes Maidana’s knockout prediction won’t happen.

“The first fight was exciting and he has the will to defeat me. He’s a tough fighter. But, I’ll demonstrate the difference in the rematch, as I will be faster and stronger,” stated Mayweather.

“Maidana always fights in the same way, but I’m versatile, capable of doing different things in each bout. I can box, I can counter punch and I can move. I’ve defeated forty five fighters who’ve tried to beat me… and none of them have succeeded.

“The only way I see Maidana can defeat me is by KO, but that’ll never ever happen!” he added.

Maidana, 31, suffered a fourth career loss to ‘Money’ Mayweather when the pair first met in May and intends on bringing something different to the table in the MGM Grand return.

“I came out strong the first six or seven rounds, and after that I had to take a break and catch my breath a little bit. I had to pace myself. I have to not get as anxious for this fight,” the Argentine said.

“(There will be) No big changes. Just working on my distance control and a couple other minor changes. I’ve had a little more time to prepare for this fight so this time I’m going to be ready.

“(Mayweather) can obviously change and get better, but I can change and get better too. The only thing he can do is box and that’s what he did in the first fight. He was moving a lot. What is he going to do? Move more?

“I’m always looking for the knockout. And if I can’t (get it), I’m going to win by decision. It would be the best thing in my career because I would be the first person to beat him.”

“I fight for glory. Obviously, my future is secure. But part of me fighting still is because I want to win. And I want to beat Mayweather,” added Maidana.

Mayweather v Maidana 2 is live on Showtime PPV on September 13 and BoxNation in the UK. To subscribe click BoxNation 

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