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Home » Eugene Maloney attacked by thugs, labelled ‘that perv’s brother’

Eugene Maloney attacked by thugs, labelled ‘that perv’s brother’

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According to Eugene, the men called him ‘that perv’s brother’ in reference to Frank’s gender change, before unleashing an unprovoked attack that left the former boxer cowering on the floor at a bus stop.

Eugene has already stated his dismay at ex-promoter Frank’s decision to dress as a women with the intent on undergoing a full sex swap, but still holds out hope that one day his brother will revert back to his old self.

“I was standing there minding my own business when a man came along and asked me if I was that perv’s brother,” Maloney told UK tabloid The Mirror.

“I knew what he meant. Then he asked me if I was a perv. I was on my own, I was scared.

“Then two of his friends came along and they pushed me to the floor. I’ve got bruises all around my back and my sides.

“It hurt. I’m not superman. I was worried about one of my wobbly teeth falling out, so I protected my face and went to the floor.

“It was awful. I’m still in so much pain,” he added.

Sibling Kellie is currently under the spotlight on Channel 5’s Celebrity Big Brother show which has another two weeks and more to run, although has so far struggled and broke down on more than one occasion.

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