Jamie Moore describes the moment he was shot: I was sure I would die!

Phil Jay 21/08/2014

British boxing trainer Jamie Moore has opened up on the harrowing events that led to him being shot five times in the hip and legs as he made his way home from a party in Marbella.

The 35 year-old, who excited UK fans through an impressive career before turning to coaching, gave his first interview on the shocking incident to Fraser Dainton of Sky Sports on Wednesday.

Moore explained that he initially thought he was part of a prank, before being left for dead and fighting for his life as he lay bleeding profusely whilst he waited for the emergency services.

The Sky Sports pundit is now recovering from his ordeal at home, but was clearly emotional when recounting what transpired as Moore attempts to rebuild his life and get back to some sort of normality.

Here is what Moore said regarding the shooting: “I got into a taxi and made my way home, walked through the garden and I just seen someone come from the corner of my eye and I looked and he had a mask on, like a Halloween mask on with a gun – and I thought it was joke.

“Bear in mind this all happened very quickly, but my first instinct was I just looked (shrugged) and carried on walking. I kept walking and he kept walking so I turned around and said; ‘You know, it’s not even funny this’ and as I said that, he shot me in the hip.

“So I have hit the floor and I think the police said he shot five bullets but I can’t remember because as soon as I was shot I can’t really remember much more. But I remember him running away and hearing a car drive off and I just lay there thinking; ‘What’s gone on here?’

“I looked down between my legs and I was losing a lot of blood – blood was running down the driveway. I don’t know why but I stayed really calm and pulled my leg up tight because I wanted to stop the bleeding, then I rang the emergency services and I said; ‘Listen, I’ve been shot and I am bleeding heavily.’

Not knowing his exact location, Moore then emphasized how bad the situation could become operator on the other end of the line.

“I said; ‘if you don’t trace this phone call I am going to die,’ as I could see the amount of blood going. So she got in contact with the police and said that the police would trace the call and be with you as soon as possible.

“So I lay there and to honest I thought; ‘I’m going to die’ – I honestly thought I was going to die. I was shaking obviously because of the shock and I had lost a lot of blood, but I remember going in and out of consciousness, but I was fighting it as I thought that if I pass out I am going to die.

“Then, I just remember hearing something drive past and I heard it turn around in the road and I thought; ‘this is someone trying to look for me, so I just started shouting ‘help!

“The front door then opened from the house I was staying at and my friend who I was staying with came out and he ran out and got the ambulance guys to come in.

“Once they got me on the stretcher I passed out then because I was fighting it and all I remember after that is the doctor hitting me on the face asking me to stay conscious, but I couldn’t.

“I remember getting to the hospital and the nurse saying; ‘you’ve still got a bullet in you we need to operate.’ Then waking up disorientated and thinking; ‘I’m alive! Thank God I’m alive!’

“When I was lying there all I was thinking was ‘I am never going to see my kids again’ and when I think about it now, I can’t imagine that happening. But someone was looking over me because the doctors said I was so lucky.”

Spanish police are still investigating the incident and Moore, who is still baffled as to why he was targeted, expects to be informed by the British consulate once there is breaking news in his case.

“I don’t know why this has happened and the police don’t know why, but my only concern is that I am here and it looks like I am going to make a full recovery.

“All the police have said is it was a case of mistaken identity,” he added.

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You can watch the full interview with Jamie Moore and Fraser Dainton here