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Home » Pulev: Clown Briggs is an act by Klitschko to deflect from lack of drug testing

Pulev: Clown Briggs is an act by Klitschko to deflect from lack of drug testing

The undefeated 33 year-old from Bulgaria claims that whilst he is being tested on a regular basis prior to the fight, Klitschko is far from undergoing the same rigorous schedule and won’t face any scrutiny until after the fight.

In addition, Pulev says the recent videos involving a spat with former WBO title holder Shannon Briggs are a ploy by Klitschko to switch the media attention away from the subject of drug testing.

“Clowns like Shannon Briggs only want to be noticed and run after money can’t fight for the world title this way,” Pulev told World Boxing News.

“It is probably an act made by Klitschko wanting to change the focus to stupid scandals and not on really important matters like doping control, which he still hasn’t gone through and makes me believe that he is using forbidden stimulants.

“In just 10 days I have been tested three times without any notice (all of them are blood samples), and he is having doping tests only after the fight. I don’t think that is fair.  

“That way he isn’t only ruining his image but the image of this beautiful, unique and manly sport of boxing. He has to go through a doping test even more because of the fact that he is the face of an anti-doping agency with the motto; ‘Sport without stimulants.’

“We all know that his brother Vitali has been caught with a positive doping test at the Olympic Games, so I think he should go through the same doping test as me.

“Rules in boxing should be the same for both sides,” he added.

Klitschko, 38, has recently been sparring British fighter Anthony Joshua at his training base in Austria, with the general consensus being that Pulev will provide the toughest test for the Ukrainian in some time on September 6 in Hamburg.
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