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Home » Audley to Maloney: ‘F***ing hell! So, do I have to call you Kellie now?’

Audley to Maloney: ‘F***ing hell! So, do I have to call you Kellie now?’

Former European heavyweight champion Audley Harrison and ex-promoter Kellie Maloney (once Frank Maloney), are among a host of famous names who will vie for title of CBB UK champion 2014.

Having had no contact with Maloney since she announced her decision to go through with a much-reported gender change, the public saw Harrison’s reaction to seeing Kellie for the first time as a woman.

Walking down the steps having been given a good reception by the fans, Harrison trudged through the living room and immediately acknowledged Maloney by stating ‘F***ing hell!’ and releasing a huge sigh. Maloney smiled back at the 42 year-old Olympic gold medallist in an obvious attempt to defuse the disbelief, before Harrison then inquired; ‘So, do I have to call you Kellie now?’

A clearly shy Kellie nodded as a baffled Harrison, who is known to be a very religious man, shook his head and moved on to other guests as they asked him if he’d like a drink to detract from the situation.

The next three weeks will certainly be interesting, if nothing else, as both Harrison and Maloney participate in various tasks and nominations of other housemates throughout the live-in process.

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