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Don’t rule out a (Kellie) Maloney boxing return

Upon reflection, Maloney backing away from the sport in October 2013 on the back of star fighter David Price being defeated twice in succession has only had a positive impact of the former promoter’s overall well being.

Without the losses suffered by Price against Tony Thompson, Maloney may well have still been forced to keep her secret in the closet and it may well have been a few years until the British boxing legend was able to fully admit that those significant changes were necessary.

Now, with the story fully out in the open and with Maloney in a much better place, would anybody be able to rule out another shot a promoting fighters with all the experience the one-time Lennox Lewis handler has.

Lewis himself has been vocal in his support of Kellie, 61, as have the majority of the real fans, and if Maloney did decide to make a comeback to raising the profile of promising pugilists who could judge otherwise?

Everyone involved in boxing should now extend a welcoming hand to Kellie, formerly Frank, and wish the flamboyant figurehead all the best in whatever she decides to do next.

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