Lennox Lewis overcomes shock: We should live and let live with Kellie Maloney

Maloney, 61, announced in the British national press on Sunday that he will undergo gender reassignment treatment for a male-to-female sex change and Lewis was apparently non-the-wiser after releasing the following statement:

“I was just as shocked as anyone at the news about my former promoter and my initial thought was that it was a wind up. The great thing about life, and boxing, is that, day to day, you never know what to expect,” said Lewis.

“This world we live in isn’t always cut and dried or black and white, and coming from the boxing fraternity, I can only imagine what a difficult decision this must be for Kellie (formerly Frank Maloney).

“However, having taken some time to read Kellie’s statements, I understand better what she, and others in similar situations, are going through. I think that ALL people should be allowed to live their lives in a way that brings them harmony and inner peace.

“I respect Kellie’s decision and say that if this is what brings about true happiness in her life, than so be it. Live and let live,” he added.

Lewis, who retired in 2003, was Maolney’s most high-profile fighter in a long-standing career that ended with Liverpudlian David Price’s double defeat to Tony Thompson in July 2013.

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