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Amir Khan explains arrest incident, admits pushing youth

The 27 year-old was taken in for questioning by police for an incident that occurred in the early hours of Friday, July 4th and Khan has not spoken in detail about the arrest until his article this week with Donald McRae.

“Some kids started throwing things at my car. I got out of the car and one of them pushed me. I pushed him back and he fell on the floor. That was about it,” Khan told The Guardian reporter.

He went on: “I was on my own and there were 20 of them, so It was just a case of being in the wrong place at the wrong time.

“It was a huge relief the case got dropped. The boys have since apologised to me and said it was wrong.

“In my position people are always going to have a go at me but, even through I’m a fighter, I don’t want to be fighting out of the ring,” added Khan.

With the potentially damaging episode now behind him, Khan can concentrate on his boxing career which has recently taken and upturn in fortune following his exploits Stateside early this year.

‘King’ Khan is firmly back in the spotlight following his win over Luis Collazo in May after enduring what were two tough years that included losses to Lamont Peterson and Danny Garcia.

The Briton is said to be in the hunt to fight the all-conquering Floyd Mayweather next spring and according to several reports, will need to record a victory on his touted December 6 return to seal the deal.

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