WBN Editor’s view: Hopkins too quickly written off as Kovalev clash looms

Phil Jay 03/08/2014

If there’s one thing everyone in boxing should know by now – it’s that you should never write off Bernard ‘The Alien’ Hopkins.

No sooner had Sergey Kovalev predictably wiped the floor with Aussie Blake Caparello, had the predications that aged Hopkins would be stopped this November for the first time in his career had begun.

At 49, Hopkins may well be past his prime, but the way the American has adapted his training regime and style in the ring to suit is unquestionable, and something that should be more respected than to instantly predict his demise.

Kovalev can bang with the best of them, that is a stone-cold fact, but has he been in the ring with someone as seasoned and wily as Hopkins in his career? That question can be answered with a resounding ‘no.’

Those who have witnessed Hopkins’ career and been in wonderment of the majority of it, will no doubt be in agreement that Kovalev faces the toughest test of his career against a fighter that knows the sport inside out, and especially what it takes to win.

Quick judgements based on the Caparello fight, to be fair may be taken from the hysteria of yet another early and devastating finish by the heavy-handed ‘Krusher,’ who now has 23 KO’s from 25 wins. You’d have to go back to 2010 to find an opponent who had managed to see the end of a fight with Kovalev and nobody has ever gone past eight rounds with the WBO light-heavyweight champion.

Even with such an impressive record as that, and taking everything into consideration, I would still be confident enough in Hopkins to say that Kovalev will face a much tougher task than ever before if he is to score a knock out against the WBA and IBF title holder.

Once again Hopkins is seemingly being judged solely on his age and the fact that he is pushing fifty, but as Beibut Shumenov found out to his cost, having a big punch isn’t necessarily the equalizer and there is no substitute for experience.

All in all, this pre-agreed unification fight has already captured the public’s imagination if it is now signed and sealed for November on HBO. But for Hopkins to just be competing with the likes of Kovalev is a feat in itself and it will be interesting to see how the veteran deals with the brute strength of the feared Russian in his attempt to become the first world champion to reign at 50.

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