Exclusive: Peter Fury ‘disgusted’ at fake illness claims against Tyson Fury

Tyson, along with heavyweight trainer partner Eddie Chambers, went through the weigh-in proceedings and were all set for the big event at Manchester’s Phones 4U Arena last Saturday when Peter’s brother Hughie became seriously ill.

Even after outlining to WBN last Sunday the events leading up to all three making the difficult decision not to participate, Peter was shocked to read that some out there were questioning whether the reason given was genuine.

It is beyond comprehension that some would feel the need to make what is already a saddening situation worse by expressing these views – that Peter has now felt the need to address this weekend.

“I feel I must speak out as there has been some rumours spread lately by certain persons that are untrue and misleading to the boxing fans as a whole,” Fury informed World Boxing News.

“At such a time when Tyson and his family are dealing with extremely difficult times, shows the calibre and ruthlessness of some to gain any high ground by leaving all their morals firmly behind them.

“The suggestion that we would fake my dear brothers position to avoid a fight with late replacement Ustinov speaks for it self and I think it is disgusting.”

Clearly upset by these cruel digs, Peter then felt compelled – without necessity, to explain further the events surrounding what must have been an immensely hard time for all involved on Friday, July 25th.

“Frank Warren, Bill Ives and I had a meeting days before and fully agreed the purse for the new opponent and even Tyson’s purse was paid up front to take the fight with Ustinov,” he pointed out. “After the weigh-in, we received a call when myself and Tyson were driving back to Bolton, that his uncle, who is my eldest brother, had sever complications in theatre for what was only supposed to be a minor operation.

“Within one hour of receiving this phone call I rang and spoke with Frank Warren to inform him of our terrible news. I also contacted Mick Hennessy to inform him of events, so the suggestion that Tyson was somewhat on edge or didn’t want to face this limited Russian fighter is outright nonsense.

“Tyson was being paid very well and we are very grateful the fight was available, and let’s not forget that Dereck Chisora also pulled out.

“However, we do not put money or business above our family and the purse from the fight was returned in full to Mr. Warren. Since then, we have been by our brothers bedside and cannot believe the tragic circumstances we find ourselves in.”

Peter then revealed that an earlier tragedy had already struck the Fury family, something that wasn’t even mentioned in the build-up.

“Despite Chisora suffering his injury, Tyson didn’t want to let the fans down, so we drove to London to make the Ustinov fight as we were desperate to return to the ring after four months in camp training hard.

“What people also don’t know is that Tyson had further bad news of his wife having a miscarriage after five months and this was AFTER the news of Chisora not being able to fight. Even when receiving this horrible news both myself and Tyson still made the late replacement fight and had everything agreed.

“People are too eager at times to jump on false propaganda that only aids the perpetrators who put these type of comments out in the first place for their own tactless favour.

“As Tyson’s trainer, I was not going into a fight with my brother in a hospital fighting for his life with his wife and children in despair. I wanted to be there for them all. The seriousness of our situation speaks for itself and only when life is on the line will Tyson consider cancellation of any fight against anyone.

“People forget that Tyson has not withdrew for some pain in his hand or nick across the eye and we do our business straight. Fight with all you have and lose with honour, but excuses and falsehoods we don’t do.”

Peter has also given an update on his brother’s condition since contacting WBN, but unfortunately, at the moment Hughie is still in a critical condition and remains in a coma due to lack of oxygen to his brain.

On the boxing side, the next fight is obviously not in the families thinking at this time – although Peter still found time to send a warning to the rest of the heavyweight division, whilst taking the time express his concern at the plight of Tyson’s former opponent Steve Cunningham’s daughter.

“Tyson will be back to wipe the floor with anything in Britain and let’s hope we don’t see any more pull outs come October, November time,” affirmed Peter.

“For now, I hope boxing fans around the world pray for my brother and I would also like to mention Steve Cunningham’s situation with his child. They need to raise money for his daughter to have a life saving operation and I send the thoughts of the Fury family to them.

“Setbacks in life are only a test to ones faith, and in The Lord we trust. Amen.”

Phil Jay is Editor of WBN. An Auxiliary member of the Boxing Writers Association of America. Follow on Twitter @PhilDJay.