Klitschko and Briggs collide again in what looks to be a staged event (video)

The few times before when Shannon Briggs has squared up to Wladimir Klitschko and made his case for a title chance have been pretty much believable to the outside viewer.

But this new video, which has been pushed by tabloid news breakers TMZ, sees a whole new stage of crazy going on between the unified champ and his pretender to the throne.

With cameras already set-up, Briggs storms into a restaurant where Klitschko is eating and proceeds to gobble down his food and goad him into oblivion. As usual, Klitschko keeps his cool until finally getting up to oppose the American, at which point Briggs does his regular thing of running towards the exit with someone helping to push him on his way.

I mean, I am all for attempts to publicly make a fight when it is warranted, but this latest farce is putting Briggs at the back of the queue for someone I would realistically see as any threat to Klitschko.

You can judge for yourself by viewing the video below – which is now making the rounds, but I would hasten to warn you makes for some cringe-worthy viewing.

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