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Tyson Fury ready to face British suspension, refuses to attend hearing

The 25 year-old has been summoned to appear on August 13 following his tirade at a recent press conference to promote his now postponed rematch with Dereck Chisora, which has a stipulation that failure to attend will mean Fury loses his British license.

In an interview with Kevin Francis of the Daily Star just prior to a third fight in a year amazingly being called off, Fury was defiant about his antics and says he will be enjoying a planned break when the BBBofC meeting takes place.

“I am on holiday on the date of that meeting so I won’t be attending and, even if I were in the country, I wouldn’t be going because I am not interested,” said Fury.

“I have attended these meetings before. I have heard what they have got to say. They want to treat you like a school child and pretend they are teachers and give you a smack on the wrist for being a bad boy.

“I am going on a two-week cruise, starting from Venice, going round Italy, Greece and Turkey.

“Over my career, I have earned a lot of money and the Board have taken a lot of money off me. They should be happy that I keep earning, so they are going to be sick if I go and get a BUI licence.

“I am not going to be told what to do by anybody.

“I can fight in Ireland and I can have a BUI (Boxing Union of Ireland) license because I have already had one before.

“So, if they want to ban me and keep being fools, I will just go and get a BUI licence and box out of Ireland where I am already Irish heavyweight champion.”

Fury was clearly irate that he was once again singled out for disciplinary action and also stated that whatever the outcome on August 13, he won’t be changing his ways anytime soon.

“I am sick of them picking on me all the time. It’s crazy. I won’t be told what to do by them in any way, shape or form,” he said.

“The Board have fined me quite a few times and they have been harsh on me.

“Every time I open my mouth, it seems I get fined or have to go in front of them.

“I will not be behaving like a choirboy. There’s going to be a lot more misconducts, because there is plenty more in store from Tyson Fury.

“So they had better get their charge sheets out again and they can charge me with whatever they want it doesn’t mean anything.

“What are they going to do? Suspend me or fine me? I’m not interested. I pay the board their wages,” added Fury.

The undefeated heavyweight, who was due to fight for the British and European titles until Chisora injured his left hand in training, could be in even hotter water with the Board and launching another barrage on his Twitter account on Monday night in the wake of the withdrawal.

Fury blasted Chisora ‘for losing his balls’ and also accused him of feigning injury, before comparing him to ‘pussy’ David Haye – who pulled out of two scheduled bouts due for September of 2013 and February 2014.

Chisora’s inability to compete on Saturday at Manchester’s Phones 4U Arena means that Fury has fought just once through no fault of his own, a fourth round stoppage against Joey Abell in February, since making his US debut in April last year beating Steve Cunningham.

If the British Board stick to their guns and revoke Fury’s licence in three weeks’ time, any future plans to reschedule his fight with Chisora will be in serious jeopardy.

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