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Home » Garcia taunts Mayweather with HUGE gloves, offers to fight him backstage (video)

Garcia taunts Mayweather with HUGE gloves, offers to fight him backstage (video)

The outspoken trainer of Marcos Maidana has a personal gripe with Mayweather over the fact that they never fought each other sixteen years ago when both held world titles and has added to that the row over which gloves his fighter can wear on fight night.

Maidana wanted to sport his own range of Argentina flag gloves which give more effect to his punches in the first fight last May, although threats from Mayweather to call the fight off led to a withdrawal of the hand wear. Garcia still hopes to reach an agreement over the glove situation before September, but couldn’t resist a pop at the pound for pound king, who wants extra padded gloves to continue to be used.

On his own past grievances that they never got it on in the ring, Garcia boldly stated that the two could go backstage and have it out if Mayweather was keen to settle the argument.

Here is some of what Garcia had to say, plus the video is below provided by Elie Seckbach:

“Sixteen years ago, Mayweather and I were both world champions. He mentioned that he would’ve liked to fight me, but we don’t need to do it on pay-per-view. We can take a walk out back and we’ll handle business. I am from Southern California and we know how to handle our business.”

On the gloves and potential wager, Garcia added: “He bet Chino’s purse and we responded by saying we’ll take the bet if Chino can wear his Mexican Everlast gloves. All I need is a handshake from him, but I know I won’t get that.”

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