Mayweather: Maidana is dirty, will lose like Argentina did versus Germany

Floyd Mayweather couldn’t resist a jab at upcoming opponent Marcos Maidana about his countries failure to win the World Cup at soccer on Sunday as the pair talked up their rematch at the media tour.

Leo Messi-led Argentina lost 1-0 in extra-time to Germany in Brazil and avid fan Maidana wouldn’t have taken to kindly to the comment, something Mayweather was well aware of.

‘Money’ also branded Maidana, whom he beat in May via a majority decision, as a ‘dirty’ fighter as the respect they both showed post-fight melted away just days into the hype for September’s return at the MGM Grand.

“Maidana will have the same luck as Argentina did in the World Cup Final,” stated Mayweather.

“It’s obvious he’s doing something right if he is facing me again and he won a few rounds from me. But the referee had a bad night last time. We forgive him but this is going to be a much cleaner fight. Note of those dirty rabbit punches or elbows.

“I have to watch this guy in there. He’s dirty.

“This is not a street fight; this is not an MMA fight. My health and my career after boxing is what’s important. He has a wife, he has children. I could hit this guy without gloves and he could never talk again. We use gloves to protect ourselves.

“Germany did a great job to win the World Cup, and on September 13th the same will happen. I will do a great job, and I will defeat Maidana,” he added.

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