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Maidana: This will be a different fight, I have to knock Floyd out!

The 30 year-old pushed Mayweather harder than most of the pound for pound king’s recent opponents, prompting the pair to agree to do it again whilst still dripping with sweat from the first encounter.

Maidana connected with some telling blows on the aging Mayweather’s chin last May, but ultimately couldn’t finish the job and says this time around he put it all on the line to do what nobody has done before.

“I’m going to have to go for the knockout this time, I have no choice. Floyd’s defense is very good and at times it is hard to hit him. That’s why I want to knock him out,” said Maidana.

“First, I’m going to give him a beating and then I’m going to knock him out. It’s going to be hard to get a decision because he connects well and knows how to score points.

“Floyd can say whatever he wants about me. He knows that I gave him the toughest fight of his life. The only difference is this time I will knock him out.

“This will be a different fight. He knows what I bring to the table and he knows how I fight. I don’t want to leave any doubt whatsoever. To beat a champion like Floyd you have to knock him out.

“I promise I’m going to put on a great fight and I’m going to shut his mouth. He doesn’t respect anything or anyone. He might have money, but he doesn’t have respect.

“He thinks he intimidates me? Nothing intimidates me. His talk can’t hurt me, his punches can’t hurt me. Come Sept. 13, he’ll be the one that’s hurt.

Mayweather’s WBC and WBA titles will be on the line when the two collide once more on Showtime pay-per-view as the World Boxing Council consider a request for their 154lb title to also be up for grabs.

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