EXCLUSIVE: Peter Fury talks Tyson Fury comments and 100k bet

Tyson Fury Derek Chisora


Trainer Peter Fury was the most inconspicuous participant at yesterday’s Kensington press conference as his charge Tyson Fury and upcoming opponent Dereck Chisora got reacquainted ahead of next week’s rematch.

As undefeated Tyson Fury, former world title challenger Chisora and his coach Don Charles became embroiled in a slanging match that had to be broken up by security. Peter cut a much more measured figure as he watched events unfold in London.

Chisora and Fury had initially agreed to a friendly wager on the contest. However, a sizeable one at one hundred thousand pounds, once the handshake was in motion and the two were eyeball-to-eyeball – the coming together was only going to end one way.

Words were exchanged, and things headed towards getting very ugly, very quickly, before a heated melee ensued with Fury removing his jacket and asking Chisora to trade blows there and then. The British Boxing Board of Control is said to be scrutinizing what was said more closely in the aftermath, and Fury could once again be in hot water for his tongue-lashing at Chisora and Charles.

Upon reflection, and having 24 hours to dissect the now much-publicized pre-fight media call, Fury senior says much of it has to be put into context due to the nature of the fighters involved and the magnitude of what is at stake for both.

“I thought the presser went very well considering it is so close to the fight,” Fury exclusively told World Boxing News.


“It’s understandable that these things happen as both Chisora and Tyson have their own personalities. However, if there were no Tyson Fury, then there would be no press conference.”

On the staking of the huge bet and whether it was pre-planned between their team, Fury added: “No, the 100k was not planned, and of course, it still stands. Tyson wants the bet if Team Chisora is so confident and think they can win this fight.”

As Peter kept cool and calm, his opposite number Charles was at the forefront of the bickering. He was eventually a target himself of Fury’s anger as fingers were pointed in either direction. It was noticeable that Peter kept out of the argument, even when Charles had his say on what Fury can expect on July 26 in Manchester, but that didn’t mean he agreed with how his rival cornerman handled himself.


“Don Charles’s comments are what they are emotions were running high,” emphasized Peter.

“However, in my view, only the fighters should exchange words as their the ones fighting, and the coaches should let them get on with it.

“It’s not taken personally at all, though, and all Don is doing is what in his view is the best for his fighter. I’m sure he’s got Derek in the best shape of his career, and I look forward to letting the boxing public enjoy a good hard fight.

“I commend both Derek and Don for taking this fight, and we are not far off seeing these two fight again.

“In regards to some of Tyson’s comments, I’d like to add that he is in fight mode and on edge to fight. And whether I agree or not with his comments makes no difference as It’s all about the fighter.

“Love Tyson or hate him, he’s exciting in and out of the ring, and come July 26th, we’re all in for a good fight,” he added.

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