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Common assault allegations against Amir Khan withdrawn

Khan was arrested by police in Bolton for a suspected attack on two 19 year-old men, although the victims have now withdrawn their complaint and the top-rated fighter will face no further action.

In a statement handed to World Boxing News on Monday afternoon, Khan’s representatives pointed out the following:

‘Amir Khan was arrested during the early hours of Friday 4th July on suspicion of common assault against two youths. Shortly thereafter he was released on police bail pending further enquiries.

This was a minor incident involving a misunderstanding between Amir Khan and two other youths.

On Monday 7th July Amir was notified by the police that the allegations against him had been withdrawn and the matter would not be pursued any further.’

This latest news will leave Khan free to continue his participation in Ramadan and look forward to his ring return in November or December without the threat of a court case hanging over him

The 27 year-old has been linked to a fight against former stablemate Manny Pacquiao upon his return, although Khan has a number of options on the table and an announcement is not due anytime soon.

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