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Families disapprove as cousins decide to fight each other

At a press conference, both fighters explained that the fight was necessary as they look to take the next step in their career as a potential full WBC title shot hangs in the balance.

“It pains me to fight with my cousin,” said Estrada. “Initially, we decided not to fight but then many things happened and we are now one step closer to one of us becoming silver champion with the WBC.”

Ortega then lifted the lid on what their respective relations think of the two agreeing to a family fued in the ring next moth: “Our family does not agree that we fight,” he stated. “The two of us discussed this issue because it’s the opportunity that every boxer is looking for. We want to fight for a WBC title and we hope that our family understands that.”

Estrada, 20, and 24 year-old Ortega, both from La Chorrera in Panama, last fought on March 22 when sharing the same bill on their way to respective points victories.

Older relative Ortega is looking to improve his 9-3-2 record, whilst Estrada has lost just once in 13 contests, although has beaten every fighter he has faced in his four-year career.

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