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De La Hoya: Mayweather’s next fight is reserved with Golden Boy

Since CEO Richard Schaefer walked out, there has been plenty of talk of Mayweather following suit, although De La Hoya, speaking in a lengthy interview given to the Pasadena Star News, stated that GBP is set to be involved in the promotion of Floyd’s 47th professional contest.

“All that I can say about that is that Floyd, I recognize and I realize that we’re looking at history, something special, if he stays undefeated, if he continues to keep fighting everybody they put in front of him. I recognize that, I respect that and I accept that,” outlined De La Hoya initially.

“Whatever was said in the past, whatever differences we had, you know what? I would personally right now want to apologize to him and bury hatchet. Because we’re fighters, it’s a difficult sport. I understand the business outside the ring and it can be very cruel, I understand the business inside the ring, which can be even worse as a fighter. So why not work together? Why not come together and make these great events happen and just make the best fights possible.

“So whatever decision Mayweather makes, whether we’re going to be included or not, yes, those are facts, that Golden Boy does have that date reserved. So as far as I know, we are going to have to work together because we do have the date reserved — at least for that one fight.

“But like I said, it would be a pleasure and an honor to work with Floyd,” he added.

The Golden Boy President was speaking before Mayweather inadvertently announced on Tuesday that he is in negotiations for a rematch with Marcos Maidana. There has been nothing mentioned regarding whether De La Hoya will indeed be involved alongside Mayweather from TMT at this point though, with more set to come to light in the next few weeks.