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Maidana and manager affirm Mayweather talks, no venue discussed

Mayweather, 37, made what seemed to be an off-the-cuff announcement at the BET Awards whilst interviewed on the red carpet, which then sent the media into a frenzy that may yet produce and end result.

Far from the fight being finalised as some reports have suggested, but initial talks have been entered by both sides and Contursi is happy that Mayweather has stayed true to his word after the first clash in May.

Maidana, who will join Jose Luis Castillo as the only men to rematch Mayweather, pushed ‘Money’ hard for twelve rounds at the MGM Grand until finally coming unstuck via a majority decision on the scorecards. The pair then agreed to another dose in the immediate aftermath whilst still in the ring and look set to duke it out again in the fall.

There had been whispers that Mayweather was considering other options, including a possible attempt at a sixth weight world title against old foe Miguel Cotto at middleweight, although Maidana’s camp are now happy that talks have finally begun.

“I guess we are going in the right direction with the negotiations,” Contursi exclusively told World Boxing News on Tuesday, adding to Maidana’s own confirmation via his Twitter account.

“This is the fight that Marcos Maidana wants as he had publicly said right after the last fight on May 3rd. Thankfully, It looks like Floyd also wants it as he has said it in his interview yesterday so that certainly helps the negotiations between the fighters.

“I would say its too early at this moment, but we can have more news in the next four or five days about making this fight happen.

“About a venue, we did not discuss that at all,” he added.

Las Vegas has long been the setting of choice for Mayweather’s big money bouts in recent times, but there are strong suggestions that the pound for pound king is considering New York as an alternative for his next contest.

Currently standing at 46-0, Mayweather has just three fights left of his huge deal with US network Showtime, with Briton’s Amir Khan already the favourite to land a whopper paycheck in May of next year.

That leaves just one chance left for a fan-friendly battle with Manny Pacquiao in September 2015, although there are not many left holding their breath as the fighters constantly go in different directions with their careers.

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