Earl aims to seal Katsidis trilogy fight at Kenilworth Road

Phil Jay 01/07/2014

Returning light-welterweight Graham Earl has admitted to WBN that he hopes to extend his career even further on Friday after agreeing to face old foe Michael Katsidis on the back of a five-year ring absence.

The 35 year-old former British champion last fought in 2009 when defeating journeyman Karl Taylor over six rounds and has chosen to thrust himself straight back in to a second fight with ex-interim world title holder Katsidis.

Earl had initially faced some criticism for his decision not to at least fight a warm-up to gauge where he is at physically, although ‘The Duke’ gave a blunt reply when asked his thoughts on his detractors.

“I’m not doing this fights for the public, I’m doing it for me and if they disagree don’t watch it,” Earl told World Boxing News.

“I know they will though because this fight will have everything rolled into one and they wont see another fight like this for a very long time – so watch this space!

“The first fight was an all out exciting war and had everything you could wish for. It was also voted the round of the year and fight of the year so everyone got there money’s worth.

“People all over the world still talk about it and it is a YouTube sensation to this day.”

According to Katsidis and manager Brendon Smith, Earl has been pining for the another crack at the Australian for years, with the rematch coming close to happening on a couple of occasions previously.

Katsidis was put down in their maiden clash, but came back to win via a fifth round stoppage and Earl has since had a niggling feeling that he was close to achieving something special that night at Wembley Arena and wants another attempt to show it.

“People think I’m doing this because the first fight was hard to get over, but it wasn’t at all because we both come out of that fight champions,” explained Earl.

“”We gave everything which is why everyone will watch the second fight because they wont get any better than this. The only thing it did leave was that burning feeling inside that I need to have this fight just to prove something to myself and no one else.

“I promised myself that if this fight ever got to this stage I would do everything different and I have. I feel great and better than I did the last time. I will enjoy every second of the preparation and the fight and give my all to win.”

Asked whether the Katsidis comeback was simply a one-off or there would be more to come, Earl stated: “I only said that I wanted to come back for this fight and god willing I get my win. If the fans are happy then there will have to be a trilogy and a win for me means it will be in Luton in my hometown an on my terms.

“I’d love to stage it at Luton Town’s Kenilworth football ground in front of a sellout crowd as that would be a dream come true for me,” added Earl, who will be up against a Partizan crowd as well as Katsidis this Friday at Rumours International in Toowoomba, Australia.

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