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Home » Provodnikov manager blasts Algieri scorecards, wants neutral rematch

Provodnikov manager blasts Algieri scorecards, wants neutral rematch

Algieri defeated ‘The Siberian Rocky’ via split decision as two scorecards read 114-112 in favour of the New Yorker on his doorstep in Brooklyn, but it is the card that handed his own fighter a 117-109 win which is also a concern for Kornilov.

“I thought that Algieri didn’t do enough to take the world title belt from Ruslan and we are definitely focused on a rematch in neutral territory,” Kornilov exclusively told World Boxing News.

“I heard the WBO already suspended one of the judges that saw the fight absolutely one sided (for Provodnikov) and these judges should be embarrassed to be doing what they are doing.

“I understand they want their guy to win, but they have to keep their emotions under control and remember that this is a sport. The fans always know who won and so do the TV networks, but when the judges are corrupt and/or biased towards the local fighter, they should be punished.

“I don’t think they should be suspended for a short period of time either, but forever, because it’s obvious they don’t learn.”

Max DeLuca’s eyebrow-raising card was a real shocker in a fight that was closely-fought and could really only have had scores ranging from a draw to 115-111 for either fighter without too much scrutiny. But to score it that wide for Provodnikov, when it clearly wasn’t, shows a distinct lack of understanding in the basics of scoring a fight and DeLuca should certainly face a rigorous questioning before being aloud to judge another high-profile contest.

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