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Butler mandatory Caballero unimpressed, says he’s waited long enough

Upon learning that an offer has been made for Butler to face new WBA champion Jamie McDonnell in a move certain to prolong Caballero’s wait for his title chance, the American expressed his dismay at recent developments.

“I heard that they are now trying to unify but I don’t let it get to me as I just know they are doing what ever it takes to avoid me,” Caballero told World Boxing News.

“At this point, they trying to keep the title In the UK but I have waited long enough. I will fight anyone it don’t matter who it is. I’m just hungry and tired of waiting. I did my part on going to Japan and fighting for the eliminator and now it’s time for them to do there part. I want to get back in that ring already. “


The 23 year-old watched expectantly as Butler dethroned Hall in a tense twelve round battle, and was licking his lips at the prospect of fighting for his first world title against the new title holder, who has predominantly been campaigning at super-flyweight.

“I saw the fight and I was not impressed by either fighter,” said Caballero. “It was a good fight, although I do think Hall should have won even though they gave it to Butler.

“They have had their fight and now I’m the mandatory for the title. “My shot is next and there is no more running. I stepped aside so they could fight, now it’s my turn to take the title away and bring it home were it belongs.

“I would love to fight Butler in my hometown so I can win a world title in front of my Fans, friends and family that has supported me throughout my career, but I don’t mind fighting in the UK if I have to.

“I went all the way to Japan and I will do it again in the UK, that’s no problem to me,” he added.


There has been some uncertainty as to whether Butler will actually stay at 118lbs having moved up, with a unification fight seemingly looking a tall order due to managerial and contractual wrangles involving McDonnell.

Butler’s next move will be an interesting one as he will have to either negotiate the fight with Caballero, seal a two-belt tussle with McDonnell or vacate the title he worked to hard for and possibly move back down to super-flyweight.

Whatever happens in the meantime, Caballero is mandated to fight for the IBF title at some point in the coming months.

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