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Home » Questioning the DeLuca scorecard: Provodnikov vs Algieri 117-109

Questioning the DeLuca scorecard: Provodnikov vs Algieri 117-109

It rarely is focused upon once the dust settles on a shock result as talk rightly turns to the eventual winner, but I cannot see past Max DeLuca.

DeLuca will no doubt go unpunished for his horrendous scoring of the fight and be residing over a professional fight somewhere next week, but I feel he should be called out for his unbelievable summarization of a world title contest.

With the two knockdowns by Provodnikov in the first round, which would instantly be a 10-7 round, DeLuca’s card means he had new champion Algieri only winning three rounds of the remaining eleven. The punch stats by CompuBox had Algieri landing over 280 punches to Provodnikov’s 205, so how a supposedly trained judge in a world championship clash can get it so wrong is beyond me.


I gave Algieri eight of the twelve rounds on his technical work and countering – as the New Yorker got his punches off with Provodnikov constantly coming forward in an attempt to force a stoppage.

From Algieri winning two-thirds of the fight on mine and the two other judges cards, to only winning three rounds on DeLuca’s, I just can’t see why he should get away without explaining his reasons for coming to that conclusion.


DeLuca is clearly treading in C.J Ross territory with this unfathomable viewing of this fight and I would hope the WBO or the New York State Athletic Commission will find that action needs to be taken to eradicate this kind of situation.

Scoring like DeLuca’s is harmful to the sport and needs to be quashed with immediate effect, as it is costing fighter’s their livelihoods in some instances and I am just grateful that this time around that wasn’t the case.

It has been on plenty of occasions in the past though….


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